Dark Horse Espresso (Front St.)

Dark Horse Espresso Bar has a few locations across the city, but the only one I’ve had the chance to check out so far is the Canary District location on Front Street. It’s in what would otherwise be a cold and sterile concrete space on the ground level of the George Brown residence, but they created a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with bright white wood panelling, cute wall tiles, and homey cushions. There’s tons of space and a few extension cords, so you’ll definitely feel welcome to work all day. Which I did – as you can tell from the photos, I even switched spots a few times.

On the day I was there, they were playing upbeat 80s hits in the morning (awesome!) and electronic lounge music in the afternoon (awful! – so awful in fact, one of the other patrons actually got up to ask the barista to please skip a particularly interminable repetitive track). So I guess the music selection is up to the barista on shift, and they have wildly different tastes.

Ok, picture time!

And here are the stats:

Neighbourhood: Canary District (just south of Corktown).

Wifi: Yes!

Plugs: Yes indeed. Even the odd power bar.

Tables: Lots of space! One communal table, a bar, a few 4-seaters, and many table for two.

Food on offer: Mostly pastries and some sandwiches.

TTC: A 15-minute streetcar ride from King Subway station.

Parking: There is a Green P in the building! Daily Max: $7.50

Price of a coffee: Espresso: $2.99, Latte: $4.64, Medium Drip: $2.89.

What kind of glass does a Cortado come in? A glass tumbler.

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