Creed’s Coffee Bar (Dupont St.)

Creed’s is pretty much designed to be a pretty place to write. It has lots of space, it has free parking, it has good wifi, it has tasty food, and it has beautiful coffee. The first time I visited, when I started this project last summer (before the dedicated instagram and the blog), it was hard not to roll my eyes at the hipsterness of it all – It’s a combination coffee shop and dry cleaner, serving avocado toast and flights of kombucha, decorated with a random vintage carousel horse and undecipherable art films screening on loop. It was like a parody of a Williamsburg millennial playground.

But now that I’ve visited over 60 Toronto coffee shops and delved a little deeper in the whole scene, I’ve come to see Creed’s as an important and respected part of the Toronto Coffee Community (even though they were technically a dry cleaner first!) They often host city-wide barista competitions, their latte art is always on point, and they were actually the first ever coffee shop that asked me what beans I wanted. It was also the first time I ever saw a latte-art die (roll to see what your latte will look like!) Also: the avocado toast is delicious. So just embrace the hipsterness, and get a full day of work done.          

Here are the pictures:

The stats:

Neighbourhood: Riiiight on the very northern edge of the Annex. Almost Casa Loma. It’s on the North side of Dupont, so let’s just call it the Annex.

Wifi: Yes – free and open. You can connect through Facebook.

Plugs: Yes, indeed. They even have a bank of plugs under the communal table.

Tables: Tons of space! A large communal table, a lounge area, a bar, lots of two and three seaters. (It can get busy though, so try to get there early if you can).

Best snack: Avocado toast! But also the egg scone was super yummy. They also have salads, so you won’t find yourself in a “nothing but carbs” situation like with many other coffee shops.

TTC: A 5-minute walk from Dupont Subway station.

Parking: They have their own parking lot!! And it’s free! (but try to get there early to make sure you get a spot)

Price of a coffee: Prices aren’t actually posted, but a Latte is $4.75, and a Medium Drip is $3.

What kind of glass does a Cortado come in? A glass tumbler.

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