Plaxton Coffee

Let me tell you about Plaxton Coffee – off the beaten path, this new coffee shop is brought to you by the same geniuses that brought us Adamson Barbecue. (If you don’t know about Adamson, go educate your self!) The space is mod, fun and full of plants! (Literal conversation I over heard while I was here: “It’s so pretty in here!” “Right?! Didn’t I tell you?? It’s very Zen!”)

The day I went, I had the airy café all to myself for a few hours in the morning, which was heavenly. The place was packed at lunch though, which is no wonder because all the sandwiches on offer are made with Adamson’s sinfully delicious meat. They also serve De Mello Palheta coffee and lots of delicious pastries. You will definitely not go hungry.

My only gripe with Plaxton is the weird hours they keep – closed Monday and Tuesday, and only ever open until 2pm.

In any case, here are the photos! Scroll down for the stats.

Here’s what you want to know:

Neighbourhood: East York/O’Connor-Parkview

Wifi: Yes!

Plugs: Unfortunately, no.

Tables: It certainly feels spacious. There are four 2-3 seaters, and two larger tables of 4.

Best Snack: Everything was tasty, but you can’t beat a sandwich from Adamson!

TTC: 30 minute walk from the nearest subway station, but there’s a nearby bus stop.

Parking: There is FREE PARKING in the back!!

Price of a coffee: Espresso: $3, Latte: $4.75, Medium Drip: 2.25.

What kind of glass does a Cortado come in? A Cappuccino cup.

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