Forno Cultura at the MoCA

For those who don’t know, a new Museum has opened up in the west end: The Museum of Contemporary Art! …and perhaps even more lovely than the museum itself is the latest location of Forno Cultura in the museum’s atrium. My follow dissertation-writing buddies met up for a work date to check out this new café.

Floor to ceiling windows flood the sterile concrete space with natural light. The vibe is definitely sleek and minimalist, but the rows upon rows of tantalizing baked goods (along with a low key green house effect from all that glass) definitely warm up the place.

Guys: the food. It is so. good. I had a crispy pancetta BLT that I will be dreaming about for weeks. Also worth mentioning: the staff were insanely nice. They kept coming by our table and offering us water, and one of the baristas and I chatted photography tips. Speaking of photography: here are the pics!

Time for the stats:

Neighbourhood: The Junction Triangle

Wifi: Yes, but it is complete garbage.

Tables: A good mix of 2-seaters and 4-seaters, all high tops. Maybe about 10 tables?

Plugs: I was only able to find one outlet.

TTC: An 11 minute walk from Lansdowne Station, and a 7 minute walk from the UP express Bloor Station.

Parking: There is a parking lot across the street, $20 for the day.

Price of a coffee: Prices were not yet posted, but an Americano was about $3.50. No drip coffee, but there are plans to have Pour-Overs once the barista staff has all been trained up.

What kind of glass does a Cortado come in? A glass tumbler.

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