Bobbette & Belle (Midtown)

On October 12th, I went to Bobbette & Belle  on Yonge Street.

B&B is really a bakery that happens to have two delightful “pastry shops.” The theme is decidedly french and sumptuous: country cottage with a touch of Versailles. Antique furniture, stacks of vintage tea cups, and reclaimed china murals add charm and warmth. This place really puts the *pretty* in #prettyplacestowrite… not to mention the lovely seasonal touches. Friends, compared to B&B, my seasonal gourd game is weak AF.

Ok, here are the stats:

Neighbourhood: Midtown/Yonge & Lawrence

Wifi: Yes!

Tables: A few at the front, and a few more at the back. No large tables.

Plugs: There are a couple, you need to look for them.

TTC: A 7-minute walk from Lawrence Station

Parking: I ended up paying over $20 at this green P, which seems crazy expensive for midtown!

Best snack: Everyone who came in asked for the blueberry scone, which they did not have that day. Based on the reactions I witnessed, I believe this fact legitimately ruined half a dozen’s people day. Does this Blueberry scone live up to the hype? I guess I’ll never know. The caramel apple macaron I had was delicious, though.

Price of a coffee:  $1.95 for drip coffee, $4 for a small latte

What kind of glass does a Cortado come in? They don’t have cortado on the menu! *shocked emoji*

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